Who Is ShopOwl?

ShopOwl is a mission-driven, consumer resource and for-profit company. We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing shoppers with the best information possible on products in health, beauty, and more. To maintain our high standards of quality, we use a for-profit model designed to create the best experience possible for visitors to this site. This business model aligns our interests with consumers and allows us to provide more services for free to you.

As online shoppers, we always look at product reviews before a potential purchase. In fact, 88% of us trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. But what happens when those online reviews are fake or were made by people PAID to leave them?

That’s when ShopOwl swoops in! We sink our talons in and analyze the authenticity of reviews and products’ star ratings on Amazon, using our cutting-edge, proprietary owlgorithm™ and an in-house team of highly trained information architects and data analysts. We then filter the reviews we believe are suspicious so you can make an informed, independent decision.

At ShopOwl, we work hard to help take the stress out of buying online and make sure your shopping experience is a hoot.

How Does ShopOwl Make Money?

ShopOwl is owned and operated by a company that has ownership interest in some of the products listed in our reviews. To maintain complete transparency, these products are marked as such whenever they appear.

The 2 Pillars Of ShopOwl

The Algorithm

Our advanced algorithm scans, analyzes, and corrects Amazon star ratings. All these data points are stored in our database for future analysis as well. How Does ShopOwl Adjust Amazon Score?

Try our algorithm for yourself. Just copy and paste an Amazon product URL below.

Our In-House Team

Our in-house team of data analysis experts compare the top-selling products on Amazon by category and then create detailed comparison pages.

To see our top comparison reports, just click here.

How Does ShopOwl Adjust Amazon Star Ratings?

The owlgorithm is designed to update and improve as Amazon continues to evolve.

Our owlgorithm scans, analyzes, and corrects Amazon star ratings. All these data points are stored in our database for future analysis as well.

Here’s How Our Algorithm Works:

  • Step

    The owlgorithm scrapes an average of over 5,000 data points per product and looks at 52 variables, including verified purchases, review frequency, reviewer rating, review content relevancy, and language style. The more data that flows into our system, the better the owlgorithm gets.

  • Step

    It then assigns a graded value to each variable in compliance with ShopOwl’s strict rules.

  • Step

    Next, the owlgorithm goes to work and calculates a new adjusted star rating based on the variable scores and analyzed data points. It also provides the original Amazon review, so you can compare results.

What’s In It For Us?

We love online shopping, just like you. But unfortunately we started seeing some pretty disturbing trends online, like fake reviews. We couldn’t just stand around while this was going on, so we decided to create ShopOwl, a place where we can weed out deceiving tricks and make online shopping a hoot again.

However, running servers and paying some of the best data analysts around can get pricey, so to help keep things afloat we make our money with ads. Now, you may even be wondering why we’re telling you this. Well, that’s because unlike some false reviews you may see online, here at ShopOwl we want to make sure we’re always honest with you.

So if you like what you’ve seen so far, please spread your ShopOwl wings and deliver the message to your friends. And don’t forget to check back in with us as we expand our site and roll out some amazing new content features.

How Does ShopOwl Compare Top Amazon Products?

We realize that when it comes to online shopping, there’s a lot more to consider than just an accurate review rating. There’s so much more to scrutinize, such as is this product a good value for the price? Will the quality hold up?

Plus, with millions of products to choose from on Amazon, it can feel like a near impossible task to sift through each of them to find the best one. That’s why our in-house team of information architects and data analysts comb through the top 5 best-selling products in the most popular categories to create a detailed comparison page.

Advertiser Disclosure

Here’s How Our ShopOwl Comparison Ranking Works:

  • The ‘Adjusted Rating’

    We remove fake / paid reviews to determine the actual product rating

  • The ‘Quality Score’

    We assess product quality based on ingredients efficacy and review reputation.

  • The ‘Value Score’

    We evaluate the price value compared to products of similar quality

  • The ‘ShopOwl Score’

    Combined score factors create the overall product score, crafted by Shop Owl's brand partners, owners of featured products.[1]

Does ShopOwl Provide Professional Medical Advice?

No. ShopOwl is not a substitute for professional medical advice from licensed healthcare practitioners. You should always consult your healthcare practitioner with questions you may have about using specific products on this website as well as for any diagnosis or treatments.

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